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July 2023

A subscription-based service for Generating 3D models


August 2023

A credit-based service for Generating 3D models


September 2023

A service for 2D and 3D Generative AI
In Progress...


September 2023

Hello! I have big plans but I'm not telling you.
In design...
Hi, I'm Mitch.

Like most people I played a lot of video games growing up. One day I decided to try and make my own game only to realize it's really 🤬king hard.

I didn't know how to make 3D models or how to program. So I watched a Blender tutorial and broke my model beyond what I could repair within the first 10 minutes 😭

Maybe coding is easier? My favourite game was Minecraft back then, which was written in Java. I wanted to make my own Java game. I followed some youtube tutorials with much more success than Blender. Coding stuck with me because I could see what was wrong with my program so easily. Learning to code got me the career I benefit from as an adult.

What if 3D didn't have to be so difficult? What if anyone could make 3D models with ease and in seconds, just by writing in plain english exactly what they need?

Imagine if the barrier to entry was lower, how many more people would take this career path or many others within the creative industry?

That's what Faber is about. I believe that if we can make Generative AI accessible and easy, we can create more doors into engineering and creative industries.

A photo of myself with a psycadelic effect
Why "Faber"?

Faber-Of-Will-And-Might, more commonly known by his title as the Master Builder, was an immensely powerful Forerunner Builder. He commissioned the construction of the Halo Array, and co-created Mendicant Bias alongside the Ur-Didact.


I'm a huge Halo fan. My username on most things is ecumene after the Forerunner Ecumene. I wanted to name this project after something Forerunner related.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to make something as cool as the Halo Array, but I'll try my best.